This information describes the way of on-line collection, protection and use of the users data. EnergySaving checks each personal data recorded by the users in EnergySaving On Line Website, apart from some exceptions ruled by different regulations for Privacy protection.


EnergySaving collects every personal information during users registration in the website.
This information on Privacy explains how EnergySaving collects, stores and uses the data supplied by the user in relation to the collection and use of personal information. By clicking on the button “log in” during registration in the website, the user accepts the rules of the present information.


The information can be used for marketing activities, to send newsletters and informations on events, products and services proposed by EnergySaving.
By the on-line registration, the user will be enabled to receive marketing information. Under user’s consent, the information supplied will be used to advertise products and services.
The participation of the user to the marketing activities is optional and the user will anytime be in a position to modify his preferences or decide not to take part su such activities any longer. Here below you’ll find all the information to modify your preferences.
This personal information can be used by EnergySaving and by the companies which generally propose their products and services with EnergySaving trade mark, as well as by all its branches and sister commercial organizations which do not propose their own products and services with the EnergySaving trade mark, such as Arc Linea and Anteprima. Whenever the information given by the user are processed by EnergySaving Group, they will be adequately protected.
The information supplied by the user can be transferred to third parties just in the following cases:

Whether on data collection/registration the conveyance has been declared in an univocal way and, when requested, the user has given his consent;
If this task has been assigned to companies acting on behalf of the company, for example for delivery of the products to the user. In this case, the companies in charge could use the personal information on the user for this purpose only;
If there is a reason to consider the transferring of this information necessary in the purpose of legal proceedings when it is required by the Laws or Rules currently in force.
In case of use of processors of third parties to manage and process the information for the purposes listed in the present information on Privacy.
Some information will be furthermore shared with third parties (auditors, legal consultants) with the purpose of obtaining their professional opinions. This processing will be effected after agreement according to the rules foreseen by Law, always safeguarding the protection of personal data.


EnergySaving operates worldwide, and this could make the personal data transferring necessary on international level. Before the data of the user are recorded by EnergySaving’s server, EnergySaving will adhere to the “safe harbour” principles recognized suitable by the European Commission to supply an adequate level of protection in accordance with the Laws on data protection in force in the countries members of European Community, and EnergySaving will undertake to respect the terms of the present Information on Privacy. The company assures that every reasonably possible measure will be undertaken to protect the Privacy of the users.


Once the registration is effected, EnergySaving will send to the user an e-mail of confirmation or a request of confirmation (depending on the location of the user). The user can ask anytime the modification or cancellation of his personal data from one or from all the mailing lists by clicking on the link “log in” in website. The user will receive e-mail and text messages just after his explicit consent. Furthermore, the user will be in the position to delete his subscription to the e-mail communications by using the suitable link “delete subscription” in the e-mails themselves.

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